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I have found TVCRC to be a very informative resource for the community. We are always receiving information, flyers, events to give to our families and clients that come to our office seeking assistance. I have not found another source that is as helpful as TVCRC.

Major Brenda Hathorn
The Salvation Army
Nampa Corps

I first learned about the Treasure Valley Community Resource Center when I began employment as a job service consultant with the Idaho Department of Labor in 1998. While working with job seekers, resources available for their daily needs, beyond their job searches, through the TVCRC’s referral directory, were important tools to allow families to address as many concerns as possible while striving to secure self-sustaining employment.

Since that first exposure, I have used the resources through TVCRC to assist elderly and disabled residents of affordable housing units, refugees who were new to the United States, people struggling to overcome substance abuse and addictions, at-risk-youth, people experiencing homelessness, and many others who had barriers to getting up on, or back on, their feet.

Ten years later, in 2008, when I came to Western Idaho Community Action Partnership, (WICAP), I had the opportunity to meet and work with the great people behind TVCRC, and really learn what they do to support the community. There is, in my opinion, no other organization in the Treasure Valley that has as much involvement on the front lines of addressing 'need' in this part of the state.

It is an honor to know and work with the people of TVCRC. I hope that the community at large will recognize the value TVCRC brings and support their good work.

Rob Christensen
Executive Director
Western Idaho Community Action Partnership

I have worked with TVCRC over the last several years in different areas and I have found that Jette and her the volunteers at TVCRC are very helpful and knowledgeable about the community resources and willing to go the extra mile to help us find services for our clients. We keep the “red book” handy and recommend it to everyone.

Tricia Combs CADC
Program Director
Advocates Against Family Violence

In 2003 I found myself in a difficult place in my life, as many people do from time to time. I count myself fortunate to have been referred to TVCRC by a case manager from Working Solutions. TVCRC was able to put me in touch with someone who could help me get my feet under me by assisting me with a first months rent being that I couldn’t do both that and the deposit. It’s been nine years now and for the first several years I was able to give back by volunteering on the phone lines every week. Now I am lucky to continue to count myself as one of the team on an as needed basis. The agency put me in touch with many volunteer opportunities that allowed me experience as I was getting my education. I have now completed five college degrees, including Bachelors in Social Work and a Masters in Business. Over the years several of the team members have been surrogate family and amazing cheerleaders in the absence of my biological family. I owe a lot to TVCRC and strongly feel that I would not be who and where I am without their influence.

Aymee R. Michels

I started attending the TVCRC meetings back in July of 2011. I really enjoy attending these meetings to hear everyone share information and am glad to be part of a group of agencies and individuals whose main goal is to work together to help ALL people in our community. There is a wealth of information and everyone works together to better serve others. By serving others, people sense a compassion for a community who needs each other to succeed. This sense of community gets more accomplished in our neighborhoods than doing it “by ourself” and we get more engaged as a team in helping others. One agency cannot be a village but many agencies can become a village to help people get the resources they need to lead a successful and sometimes a “day by day” existence until help arrives and programs are put in place. While I work for an agency that mainly serves people 60 and over and am familiar with resources available to this community, I did not know about all the resources for others in our community. TVCRC helps pool everyone’s expertise and ‘kind hearts’ to help others find assistance and friendship in a world where life can sometimes seem hopeless otherwise. I enjoy getting all the e-mails from Jette – yes I do! I share them with my agency and others out in the community. After all what truly is a community if it is not one that “walks the walk”. I wish I knew about you years before now!!! And the TVCRC Resource Directory is wonderful and my kudos to those of you who work so hard to keep it updated! Great JOB TVCRC!!!!

Dolly Baughman

"Jette and her staff are amazing! The work done by TVCRC is invaluable to our community. They touch the lives of so many people and the information they share is so important. Their resource guide is used by several agencies, helping hundreds of people. Thanks for your heartfelt dedication, your energy, and your commitment to us all." ~ Tom Dale

Peggy Shaver
Mayor's Assistant


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